Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt by Blank Industries

bagged ice melt

Available in 50lb bags

Blank Industries is a Top Ice Melt Manufacturer in New England

Our proprietary blend of pet-safer ice melt was created to specifically meet the challenging needs of winter in New England, with the following properties:

  • Melts Up To -12 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Pet-Friendlier Ice Melt That Is Also Safer For People and Property
  • Less Harmful To Concrete
  • Less Harmful To Plants
  • Formulated With A Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Non-Caking Agent – To Reduce Clumping
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Easily Dispersed Through A Spreader
  • Non-Tracking – Designed To Stay Where Applied
  • Fast Ice And Snow Melting Action
  • Non-Magnesium Product
  • Increased Slip Protection
  • Highly Visible Green Color Indicator
  • UV, Non-Slip And Water Resistant Packaging Which Is More Resistant To Weather For Outdoor Storage

Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + is a proprietary formula of pet-safer ice melt made from a three-way blend of sodium chloride crystals infused with calcium chloride and potassium chloride, creating a pet-friendlier ice melt solution that is also safer for people and property and melts at up to -12 degrees Fahrenheit. A non-magnesium product, Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + is specially formulated with a corrosion inhibitor to reduce damage to concrete and property. It also contains an anti-caking agent and is coated with a green color indicator to ensure cost-effective, even dispersion.

Designed to stay where applied, our pet-safer ice melt won’t track onto carpets and flooring. Its longer shelf life and easy dispersion through a spreader makes our pet-friendlier ice melt a great choice for commercial or residential use, melting ice and snow quickly, and providing non-slip protection, as well as a two-step heating process that provides a long-lasting defense against ice on driveways, sidewalks, steps, or anywhere it’s applied. Our unique UV and water-resistant, non-slip packaging provides extra protection for outdoor storage and can last year after year to provide safe and effective ice melt protection.

Bulk Pet-Safer Ice Melt

Blank Industries manufactures ice melt and salt wholesale.  Ice Melt is sold by the bag in pallets or in bulk.  To buy ice melt in bulk, call to order by the truckload or stop by our location.

ice melt pallet manufacturer

Blank Industries is proudly the sole ice melt manufacturer pet-friendlier for Cutting Edge® Brand Products. Cutting Edge® Pro PowerMelt + is screened, dried and chemically-infused.