Dealer Information by Blank Industries

At Blank Industries, we are proud to be a reliable landscape product and ice melt manufacturer that also offers private labeling to its customers, allowing businesses to package materials with custom labels featuring their logo. We are the sole manufacturer of Cutting Edge Brand Products, high-quality landscape and ice melt materials that outperform others on the market. Our mulches, soils, composts, decorative stones, masonry items, ice melt, and rock salt products are all carefully processed and locally sourced right in New England, which means we’ll always have the product you’re looking for available and be able to deliver it on time. Below you’ll find some additional information for our dealers.

A Message To Our Dealers

At Blank Industries, the key to our success is the success of our dealers. As part of our team, you can take pride in providing high quality products at a great value. We strive to provide you with excellent service, while providing exceptional landscape and ice control products to your customers.

Excellence in Our Products

We will not compromise when it comes to our products, which means we provide you with the best products at a great price. We stand behind our work and are constantly improving to make our process the most efficient to deliver the products you need right when you need them.

If you’d like to carry our products in your store, please send us an email to: