Ice Melt Manufacturer

ice melt manufacturer

Bulk Ice Melt and Bulk Rock Salt Wholesaler

Blank Industries is a top bulk ice melt and deicing salt supplier located in Hudson, Massachusetts. Our winter products include wholesale ice melt and wholesale rock salt. We strive to provide the highest quality products within our industry and couple that with excellent packaging and marketing support. Our ultimate goal at Blank Industries is to become your long-term, year round business partner and that is why we proudly offer our distributors the Cutting Edge® Advantage Dealer Program (contact us today for details). As a manufacturer and supplier of top quality products we use locally sourced and manufactured materials that are fresh when they are packaged and therefore arrive to you, our trusted partner, in the quickest time frame possible. We also offer private label packaging programs, bulk materials and recycling programs. Please contact us today to discuss new opportunities to become a Cutting Edge® Distributor.

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